Foreign billionaires booking bunkers, keeping private doctors in private jets for treatment

Foreign billionaires booking bunkers, keeping private doctors in private jets for treatment
Bunker in us

Coronavirus is fast spreading in different parts of the world. So far more than 4300 people have died due to this deadly virus. At the same time, more than one lakh 22 thousand are infected. On the other hand, the rich people of the world are booking private jets, bunkers and underground shelter homes to escape from Corona. 

In fact, ever since Coronavirus arrived in different continents of the world, billionaires from the US, UK and European countries have been resorting to booking bunkers from special jets to protect themselves. Not only this, they are also preparing to keep personal doctors and nurses with them to deal with the corona and for treatment, so that the infection can be treated. Mark Ali, the chief executive and medical director of London-based Private Harley Street Clinic,

who is seeking Corona's vaccine
, said that many billionaires have come to us, saying that they want to have the coronavirus tested privately. But it is not possible for us to do so, as the Department of Health and Social Care has issued an order to have all the tests done by the NHS and Public Health England. 

Ali said that his clients are also asking for Kovid-19 vaccination. However, they are aware that it may take more than a year to develop the vaccine.

The demand for bunkers and underground shelters is also increasing, a
US-based California-based underground construction company said that it has been receiving calls from people to buy bunkers and underground shelters for the past one week. 
The company has converted the Cold War bunker into housing for up to 80 people in Indiana. In addition, the company is replacing 575 concrete bunkers at the World War II OD in South Dakota.

Netanyahu spoke to PM Modi amid Coronavirus
At the same time, before the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu said that due to Coronavirus outbreak, global economic activities and the loss of supply of essential goods, his country is dependent on many countries for supply and he spoke to his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi Has

Netanyahu said at a press conference on Wednesday that I have spoken to my friend Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi. We depend on many countries to supply various goods. We are watching this all the time. 

3000 cases in Spain, 84 patients dead so far
In Spain, cases of coronavirus increased to about 3000, while the death toll from the disease increased to 84. The Health Ministry said in a statement that coronavirus cases increased to 2968 from Wednesday's 2140. During this period, the number of patients who lost their lives increased from 48 to 84.

The death toll in Iran rose to 429, with more than 10,000 people infected
, with 75 more deaths due to coronavirus in Iran, the death toll due to the disease has risen to 429 and over 10,000 people infected. This is the highest number of deaths in a single day in the last three weeks after the first death from the disease was announced in the country last month.

Iran's Ministry of Health spokesman Qianoush Jahanpour said in a televised press conference that 1,075 people have been found infected with Kovid-19 in the last 24 hours ... which has increased the number of infected people to 10,075. He said that 75 people died in hospital in the last few days and we have lost a total of 429 infected people.