Indian scientists achieve great success, discovered Wuhan-like corona strain

Indian scientists achieve great success, discovered Wuhan-like corona strain

India has achieved great success with Coronavirus. Scientists have not only identified the strain in coronate patients continuously appearing in India, but have also succeeded in isolating it. This achievement will go a long way in creating kits for virus screening, drug detection and vaccine research. Scientists at the Pune-based National Institute of Virology have isolated the corona.

So far, America, Japan, Thailand and China are the only four countries in the world that have achieved this success. Scientists from the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) have examined the strain of Wuhan after isolating stress in unstable patients in Jaipur and Agra. The stress found in Indian patients is similar to that of Wuhan. Both have a similarity of 99.98 per cent.

In fact, 81 patients of coronavirus have been found in India so far. These include 17 foreign nationals. Most of the sensitive patients are those who have recently returned from traveling to foreign countries. There have been few complaints about these people coming into contact. So far 65 laboratories are working across the country to test coronaviruses. According to Dr. Nivedita of ICMR, the capacity of a laboratory is to be tested at around 90%. So far, 6500 cases of 5900 people have been investigated in which 81 positive cases have been found.

Priya Abraham, a scientist at ICMR Pune, said that India has achieved the greatest success in isolating coronaviruses.] India has passed the first phase to prevent the epidemic. He said that the strain was isolated after checking the virus in the citizens of Italy and six patients from Agra in Jaipur. Also, the strain was matched to the strain found in Wuhan, similarity has been found between them. To prevent any epidemic, it is necessary to identify its virus. This is a type of first stage after which work is done on vaccines and treatment.

Director General of ICMR, Dr. Balaram Bhargava considered it a great success of scientists and said that India has gone to the fifth country in the world to isolate the virus. Now the scientist will move towards finding a coronavirus vaccine. He also said that people need cooperation at this time. If everything is under control then within 30 days we will stop Corona right here.